Discussion On the Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing Strategy In 2019

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discussion on the pay per click affiliate marketing strategy: adwords

This is a quick discussion on the pay per click affiliate marketing strategy in 2019. It is not intended to be an in-depth discussion. It is relatively easy to get involved with pay per click however unless you have expertise and experience you can end up spending more money than you make with pay per click.

This discussion is from the point of view of paying for ads.

It is possible to make the mistake of paying for traffic using pay per click (PPC) before understanding the process properly. Just because traffic is being paid for does not mean that that traffic will convert.

It is possible to spend a lot of money on pay per click (PPC) and not have a decent return. Once that traffic has gone from the ad and did not convert (sign up for some free report or purchase something straight away), that cost money which they have no way of getting back from that particular pay per click campaign.

With PPC, affiliates need to really understand the process and be experimenting with different variables all the time. Affiliates need to do small trial test runs and keep a very close eye on process. If the result of a specific trial test run looks promising, they can then increase their PPC spend.

They still need to keep a close eye on each of their active trial test runs all the time and be trying out different approaches all the time, experimenting with different headings, different words in their ads, targeting different audiences, using different call to actions, running their ads at different times of the day, running their ads on different days of the week, there are just so many variables to watch for here. They need to have great processes and systems in place to manage all of this valuable information so that they can learn about what works for them and about what does not work for them.

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I hope that you found this educational, informative and practical.

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