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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Revealed In Free Online Guide [2019]

Below is a snippet of my full How To Do Affiliate Marketing Revealed In Free Online Guide [2019].

What is this affiliate marketing thing all about?

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With affiliate marketing, you can become an affiliate for different businesses. The most well known one worldwide is probably Amazon. You might even have brought from Amazon and an affiliate earned a commission on that sale. So you know that the concept works. Of course, Amazon is only one of many businesses worldwide that use affiliates.

How does an affiliate earn?

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This is the real question that you want answered, don’t you?

For instance, let’s say you were looking for a book on self improvement however did not have a particular book in mind.

An ordinary person just like you and me put up a website and wrote an article on the extremely popular book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

You did your online research, putting in various terms into your favourite search engine, and one of the results led you to an interesting page talking about the book, about how the author of that page found that book helpful in their life and you decided to buy the book from the link on that page.

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When you completed the process to buy that book, that ordinary person who wrote that article discussing that book will have typically earned an affiliate commission from that sale.

This is one way that an affiliate earns.

The main idea is that you select a highly targeted lucrative niche that you are highly passionate about and where people are looking to buy related products or services after reading your good quality related content.

You build a website with good quality related content for this niche that gets ranked by the search engines that brings in visitors to your site, who read your content and a percentage of these visitors to your niche website take you up on your recommendations and buy. You then typically earn an affiliate commission.

This is one affiliate marketing process.

Why Be An Affiliate?

If you write good quality content that helps people that gets ranked by the search engines you get traffic. There are over 4,400,000,000 people worldwide who are active internet users and there are over 40,000 search queries per second worldwide on Google alone.

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Google processes over 40,000 search queries per second on average which translates to over 3,500,000,000 searches per day worldwide. Remember these are real people putting real search queries into Google that expect answers which answers their search queries.

How many of these are opportunities for affiliates to put their answers to these questions in front of those people?

Think about this for a few moments.

Even better would be to think about this for a few minutes and what they may mean to you when you are building your niche website.

These are huge numbers and deserve an element of careful thought when you consider what these huge figures could mean to you when you are building your niche website.

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The opportunities are very real for affiliates who understand this and take appropriate action steps:

1: Doing highly focussed keyword research to identify “questions” to answer.

2: Writing highly focussed content that answers those “questions”.

3: Getting content ranked high enough to get at this highly focussed traffic.

4: Having ways of earning from that highly focussed traffic once they are reading those answers to those “questions”.

Here I guide you through all these appropriate action steps at a high level and point you to where you can get additional information and help.

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One of the really cool things about affiliate marketing is that you as the affiliate do not have to invent, develop, manufacture and store products or services to promote.

You simply promote other businesses products or services. So the opportunities are very real if you take focussed actions and for this I truly recommend that you learn affiliate marketing in a well structured way so that you can benefit in a real way from this.

This does require real work however the potential that is out there makes this worthwhile.

The Next Step

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I hope that you enjoyed the above snippet.

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